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It’s far easier to trust a person who has ‘been there.’

You don’t have to have been through major trauma or loss to appreciate the extraordinary value of resilience! But it does mean that both Gabi and Pippa, who learned the value of Authentic Resilience the hard way, teach from a place of authority and credibility. The lessons they (delete “can”) share with you are hard-earned and applicable to any situation of uncertainty, challenge or adversity; or for simply coping with the relentless demands of life.

“Our coaching and Authentic Resilience “road-map” will help you live a life that is about thriving, not just surviving, even in the darkest of times.”

“We have helped thousands find a deeper, stronger version of themselves by accessing their Authentic Resilience… and we hope to do the same for you." for further information about The Resilience Factory and our additional offerings.

We also offer one-on-one resilience coaching; corporate webinars and courses, retreats and more

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