Are you struggling?


You are not alone. Despite our best efforts, life happens.

Loss. Divorce. Death. The pandemic. Financial difficulty. Illness. Uncertainty. Anxiety. 

We can help.

"Eye opening, empowering and now there is a sense of confidence that I feel dealing with day to day life."

~ Tashinga ~

How resilient are you?

Resilience is something we NEED to get through our lives, to deal with and recover from traumatic, painful or difficult events. Yet it is ALSO something we can DEVELOP  in advance of adversity so that we are better prepared for whatever comes our way...

So the question is – how resilient are you?

"I got a lot out of the course, more than I expected. I am grateful to have a great set of tools to refer to during challenging times."

~ Leanne De Silva ~

We help people to thrive, no matter what


We learned resilience the hard way through ongoing tragedy and loss and have discovered what works and what doesn’t. If we found a way back, so can you!


Certified Life Coaches, facilitators and speakers


What people are saying about the Authentic Resilience Course

Robyn Sulon

"The online course was incredible. I was touched by all of the stories shared and encouraged by the content because it gave me so much hope for overcoming anything that I may go through or am currently going through."

Charissa Balman

"Absolutely, very profound. Rich in content & presentation, powerful tools to show people the how in giving hope, that change can be exciting. Taking this hope into practice. H-Heard you, O-Open to listen/learn, P -practising these tools, E – going to educate others/self”.

Adele Sulcas

"Very nurturing, comforting, intellectually stimulating. Lovely to (sort of) meet the other participants, and wished from that perspective that an in-person course would have been possible."

Still not sure what you will learn from this course?

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The many ways Authentic Resilience will benefit you.

Access greater choice . See more opportunity . Develop deeper relationships. Ask for what you need. Think creatively.

Greater choice

Authentically resilient people can choose their responses.

More opportunity

Authentically resilient people recognise opportunities that come with challenge.

Deeper relationships

Authentically resilient people attract and foster deeper, more enriching relationships.

More optimism

Authentically resilient people live with realistic optimism.

Emotional agility

Authentically resilient people develop better emotional agility.

A “roadmap” for hard times

Authentically resilient people have an effective road map for just about any life circumstance.

Post traumatic growth

Authentically Resilient people can recover and thrive following just about any life circumstance.

"Really enlightening, equipping and thought provoking. Thank you for providing me with such robust tool box to take along on life’s journey”.

~ Amanda Dry ~


"Serendipitous. Life changing”

~ Grant Flynn ~

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Our Authentic Resilience Course will help you live a more meaningful, resourceful, engaged and resilient life. It contains 12 modules of content including 9 hours of video, in-depth workbooks, weekly practices, challenges and grounding exercises PLUS additional resources. ALL the material and content can be enjoyed at your own pace and you will have access for a year.


This is your step-by-step “Road Map” to navigate adversity


Your 12-week personal discovery journey towards Authentic Resilience, complete with all the skills and tools you will need for life

The Authentic Resilience Course


once off or try our subscription for R275/month for 12 months

  • 12 in-depth modules – your road map to Authentic Resilience
  • 9 Hour’s-worth of video coaching
  • Interactive workbooks and other resilience resources
  • Personal stories and case studies
  • Access to the content for a whole year
  • Access to Gabi and Pippa’s closed Facebook group
  • Facebook Live events and additional content
  • A whole new you who is able to thrive in the world no matter what!

"“It was meaningful, enlightening, powerful and always helpful and life changing".

~ Nadine Roberts ~


"Fruitful and extremely beneficial in dealing with every day issues".

~ Damian Jardine ~

Listen to others who have experienced Authentic Resilience

Go to the Authentic Resilience YouTube channel and listen to some of the testimonials of people who have experienced the courses impact.


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